Friday, August 8, 2014

Harvest, So Far.

Big thunderhead to the east of us. 
To all of you farmers out there, how is your harvest coming along?

We have been rolling for about a week now, though it seems to be in fits and starts. We haven't actually had one full day yet, sans problems, whether it's due to the weather or a machinery breakdown. Nevertheless, we are nearing the completion of winter wheat harvest, hopefully today or tomorrow. Then there might be a break of a day or two before the barley is ready to cut.

Even though it is harvest right now, I am constantly surprised at how varied the tasks of my day are. With Carol gone, I have been the head garden maintainer/produce picker as well as the head cook. In between those duties, some of the tasks that have come up have been moving trucks from field to field, sweeping out grain bins, mending fences, and other miscellany. I have also managed to stick with my exercise and running schedule so far, which is good for my own sanity, and really probably in the best interest of all I encounter.  Carol is arriving home sometime this evening, so it will be interesting to see how the responsibilities of my day shift.

As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, too, my friend Stephanie is here visiting/working with us through the end of September. She's a wonderful person whom I have known for many years. Interestingly, we are from the same hometown in Iowa, but met each other in person for the first time while on Study Abroad in Lyon, France! Stephanie has lots of hands-on agriculture experience, so she has already proven to be a seamless fit around here for that reason and many others. I am looking forward to spending much quality time together laughing and talking, and baking (Stephanie is an EXCELLENT baker!), in between harvest activities. Stephanie is also an accomplished writer and has a good eye for photography, so who knows-- there may be a guest blog post or two in the future!

Hopefully everyone who is harvesting right now is doing so safely and happily so far. After reading a friend's blog recently about her family's harvest experience, I am reminded that it's always best to focus on the positives rather than what is going wrong or not as expected. Our attitude determines our success, even when faced with inconveniences.


  1. All in a day's work! Good luck with the rest of harvest! We may be about done in another week which will be early for us. I won't mind a break ;)

  2. Thanks! We still have several weeks to go, but school starts for North Star on the 20th, so it'll be back to work for me!


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